2nd Day (Tuesday)

For the second day we are going to have 4 experts interacting with us about digital identity.

We learned about identity thats why we did the photo safari were we took photos that describes us. (identity)

Our 4 speekers will be :

-Laura Gogia

-Lee Skallerup

-Alan Levine

-Amy Burvall


What we learned:

Your identity is defined by want you do and other pleaple see you doing. Some times we fill more comfortable about digital identity than our social identity, because in your digital identity is more objective, people think about what they see, in person things can change because the words can get different meanings depending your posture, tone or rithym of your voice.

Once you have defined your identity and start blogging or posting is very important to have people that support your identity. You may look to stay connected with persons that have similiar interest.

When you post about things you like or your interest, you have to be carefull and see what you post, specially if it is about other person.



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